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Company Description

SchoolMint is the leading provider of Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) solutions for K-12 schools and districts. SEM is a strategic approach to attract and enroll more students and families and retain them for years to come. By centralizing enrollment activities (like school choice applications, lotteries, registration, and re-enrollment) and focusing efforts on creating positive classrooms, schools can become sustainable, high-achieving learning institutions where teachers feel supported and students love to learn.

Partner with SchoolMint to create positive classrooms that students and teachers want to be part of. SchoolMint’s instructional coaching platform helps create a feedback culture that supports teachers as they grow in their practice. Reward students for positive behavior while redirecting the negative with SchoolMint’s behavior management and tardy tracking apps.

Product Categories

  1. Administrative and Assessment Technology
  2. Classroom Technologies
  3. Communication Technology
  4. Curriculum and Instructional Tools

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