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ClickView is an online education company that provides 5,000+ schools, colleges and universities - globally, access to high-quality, relevant, interactive and curriculum-aligned video resources. Championed as ‘The Netflix of education’, ClickView’s content in Australia is accessed by 9 in every 10 Middle & High schools! New video releases are produced by educators for educators and added to the ClickView library every six weeks. ClickView has been producing and distributing its innovative and impactful video content online since 2003.

We’ve just launched in the US
We’re teaming up with Microsoft and giving any district who uses Microsoft Teams free access to ClickView to support #schoolreopening and #backtoschool initiatives. At ClickView, we believe the power of video can transform and deepen traditional education learning experiences. With offices across Australia, UK and now the US, we’re rapidly expanding our reach into schools. We’re on a mission to create meaningful experiences for both teachers and students, at all levels of learning.

Product Categories

  1. Classroom Technologies
  2. Curriculum and Instructional Tools
  3. E-Learning
  4. Library and Media Technology

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