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Ernest Gonzales, San Antonio ISD

Ernest Gonzales, a 2019 Apple Distinguished Educator, is an edtech and design coordinator for San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) and a former technology and STEM teacher. As a kid, Gonzales developed a passion for creativity by constantly drawing and playing guitar. For Gonzales, access to a computer led to an interest in all things digital, from old-school PC games, to viewing source code to learning HTML and even digital music production. With a strong interest in math, Gonzales planned to study engineering in college, but ended up switching his major to fine arts, with a concentration in digital arts and photography. This led to a position as a graphic designer, and then a role as a tech apps teacher on the east side of SAISD. To share his love of graphic design, animation and web design, Gonzales spent 13 years teaching, including a few as a middle school STEM teacher, before being hired as an edtech design coordinator for the district. In his current role, Gonzales supports SAISD in its digital transition by creating and providing professional development for over 100 schools, planning districtwide programs and implementing a variety of edtech initiatives. As a creator and advocate, one of Gonzales' guiding principles is empowering student voice and creativity in learning.


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