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Dominic Caguioa, Los Angeles Unified School District

Dominic Caguioa is a coordinator of instructional leadership support for the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) Instructional Technology Initiative (ITI). In this role, he leads the ITI team in designing and delivering professional learning around expansion of computer science, advancement of digital citizenship and implementation of the ISTE Standards, among many other edtech initiatives, to serve the over 40,000 educators and leaders of LAUSD. He also coordinates systemwide edtech efforts focused on localized implementation through direct support for school leadership teams, teacher leader and edtech coaches cohorts, and community learning for pilot schools. Caguioa’s work to expand computer science extends beyond LAUSD. He has been providing computer science fundamentals workshops in California through, bringing the core concepts of computational thinking and computer science to elementary schools to increase participation of underserved and underrepresented students in computer science. He also supports’s professional learning facilitators in the U.S., providing a "train the trainer" approach in preparing these facilitators to lead computer science fundamentals workshops. He’s a National Board Certified Teacher, and has also worked with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards as a consultant. In his spare time, Caguioa is starting an education nonprofit in his home country, the Philippines, to provide edtech learning opportunities for kids and adults.


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