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Dr. Adam Phyall, Future Ready Schools

Adam Phyall, Ed.D., is a former high school science teacher and the current director of technology and media services for Newton County School System in Georgia. Since getting his first laptop in college, Phyall has been hooked on the fantastic things technology can add. Early in his teaching career, Phyall began having students create videos and podcasts to explain advanced science concepts. Once he saw the impact technology had on learning in his classroom, he began to share his activities and strategies with his peers. This led to him becoming a building instructional technology leader and then a technology facilitator. Throughout his career, Phyall has worked extensively with Title I and urban schools to improve technology integration for economically disadvantaged students. He has planned and developed mobile learning plans for school districts in Georgia and Missouri that led to 1:1 device initiatives. His philosophy on teaching is, “If you’re having fun teaching it, then your students will have fun learning it.”


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