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Georgina Dean, EdTech Stealth Startup
ISTE Certified Educator
Georgina Dean is the director of learning technology for International School Community. A visionary leader, Dean’s goal is to offer creative digital integration leadership to education communities around the world. A creative and inspiring education leader, mentor, coach, writer, podcaster and keynote speaker, Dean is keen to impact creative innovation across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where she has been fostering innovative change in education for over a decade. She empowers learners, educators and leaders with the digital age skills, tools and confidence they need to be successful members of a global community and thrive in tomorrow's competitive job market. Dean is a Google for Education Certified Trainer & Innovator (#VIA20), an Adobe Education Leader & Creativity Crew founding member, a Microsoft Innovative Educator and an Apple Teacher. She’s also an ISTE Certified Educator who empowers her communities to thrive as creative knowledge constructors and collaborative learners, and is excited about supporting education communities with their adoption of the ISTE Standards. Dean, along with two other education leaders, hosts the podcast “3 Caffeinated Coaches (#3CCs)” that explores a variety of topics to support education globally with coaching, mentoring and leadership. She’s passionate about igniting creativity with her weekly #eduTGIF livestream on Behance, and she enjoys inspiring educators and leaders to leverage the power of visual learning through sketchnoting and sharing strategies to empower learners to explore and discover their personal creativity process.


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