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Deborah Olatunji, Voices of Disruption Podcast

Deborah Olatunji is a Philadelphia-based storyteller, igniter, author of Unleashing Your Innovative Genius: High School Redesigned, and host of the Voices of Disruption Podcast. Her core value is in owning her identity as an igniter. She describes herself as an empathetic storyteller and creator who empowers community members to collaborate and grow together to ignite change, purpose and agency. She finds the most enjoyment in bringing communities together to talk about challenging issues like mental health access, racial justice, gender equality and education reform through her show (known as the VOD POD by her audience), and mobilizing members of Generation Z to take action and be civically engaged. Olatunji’s philosophy on education redesign began at age 15 when she started working for Griptape, a nonprofit that gives youth financial resources to pursue learning challenges. She credits this experience with helping spark the ideas and goals she has for disrupting the education system. Her book on youth empowerment and education reform debuted in 2020. After pivoting to a virtual tour, Olatunji continues to share her story and encourage her peers to step into their power. She has given inspirational and action-spurring talks to crowds of thousands, been featured on 20+ podcasts, and recently spoke at her first international conference over Zoom.


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