Team Up With Your Favorite Apps

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Sallee Clark  
Jeni Long  

Learn how to use your favorite apps with Microsoft Teams! Team up with Buncee, Adobe, Wakelet and more! See how to use apps to bring engagement, learning and collaboration to your classroom. Walk away with templates and resources to empower your students. You will leave this session yelling, "One, two, three, go Team"

Audience: Curriculum/district specialists, Teachers, Coaches
Skill level: Intermediate
Attendee devices: Devices useful
Attendee device specification: Smartphone: Android, iOS, Windows
Laptop: Mac, PC, Chromebook
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Participant accounts, software and other materials: Microsoft Teams
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Forms
Adobe Spark
Topic: Online tools, apps & resources
Grade level: PK-12
ISTE Standards: For Coaches:
Teaching, Learning and Assessments
  • Coach teachers in and model design and implementation of technology-enhanced learning experiences addressing content standards and student technology standards.
  • Coach teachers in and model design and implementation of technology-enhanced learning experiences using a variety of research-based, learner-centered instructional strategies and assessment tools to address the diverse needs and interests of all students.
  • Coach teachers in and model design and implementation of technology-enhanced learning experiences emphasizing creativity, higher-order thinking skills and processes, and mental habits of mind (such as critical thinking, metacognition and self-regulation).
Disclosure: The submitter of this session has been supported by a company whose product is being included in the session

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

Microsoft Teams is not an LMS, it is so much more. Leveraging the communication and collaboration features of Teams, offers teachers the ability to share content and learning activities, like within no other platform. However, knowing how to leverage this platform to empower your students to learn, can be an overwhelming task. In this session we will show teachers how to incorporate learning opportunities through their already created material and learning activities. Participants will see how to integrate Buncee, Genially, Wakelet, Flipgrid, Forms, and OneNote. They will see basic application with digital worksheets and then see how to transform these lessons into evaluation and creation learning opportunities for students utilizing the applications mentioned.

The purpose and objective of this workshop is for participants to learn how to integrate applications in to Teams, foster collaboration and communication, and use high yield strategy learning activities with various applications.

Through attending this session participants will learn:
1.) Participants will learn how to add external applications to Microsoft Teams.
2.) Participants will learn how to foster communication and collaboration with various applications and creation opportunities.
3.) Participants will see examples of high yield strategy lessons integrated into Teams.
4.) Participants will see how to design quality learning activities in hyperdocs and integrate them into Teams with the use of various partner applications.

Through attending this session participants will receive:
1) hands on experience
2) curated collection of resources
3) lesson templates
4) tips for successful integration of applications and learning activities
5) initial contact with global educators utilizing these application in their classrooms



1) Participants will see the importance of engaging lessons, collaboration, and communication learning activities. They will be introduced to 3 different types of learning experiences. They will see examples from each experience & learn about the skills gained by students through these experiences. They will see how these experiences built in Teams builds their student portfolios as they curate, create, and communicate throughout the year.
(30 minutes)

2) Participants will then engage one of the hyperdoc lesson examples in Teams utilizing added applications.
(10 Minutes)

3) Attendees will explore resources & lesson plans for global connections. They will make initial contact with global educators, experts, or classrooms for a collaborative project.
(10 minutes)

4) Participants will learn our top tips for a successful learning activity in Teams. We will discuss pre-planning, timing, technology for collaboration, and student expectations.
(10 minutes)

Supporting research

4.) Teams Facebook group with over 14.8k members asking questions that our session will address.
5.) Teams Facebook group with over 56K members asking questions that our session will address.

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Sallee Clark, Castleberry ISD
Jeni Long, Castleberry ISD