Global Collaboration PLN Playground: SDGs in Education

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Margret Atkinson  
Ava-Gaye Blackford  
Erin Dowd  
Deepa George  
Donna Guerin  
Douha Jemai  
Amanda Lanicek  
Tara Linney  
David Lockett  
Tia Luker-Putra  
Bhavna Mathew  
Andrew McDonald  
Goh Kok Ming  
Ronald Nober  
Dr. Shahinaz Osman  
Kamal Preet  
Silvia Scuracchio  
Dr. Jennifer Williams  
Dr. Leigh Zeitz  

Sustainable development goals fit perfectly in education. We're now nine years away from the goals' "completion date." It's time to empower our students to be the changemakers they were born to be. Come learn about how SDGs fit into the K-12 learning environment. This playground is designed to bring light to educators from around the world, with a focus on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Since SDGs affect us all, the idea is to create a space for educators to share how they incorporate SDGs and the ISTE Student Standards into their classrooms.

Audience: Curriculum/district specialists, Teachers, Technology coordinators/facilitators
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices useful
Attendee device specification: Smartphone: Android, iOS, Windows
Laptop: Mac, PC, Chromebook
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Topic: Global collaboration
Grade level: PK-12
Subject area: Math, STEM/STEAM
ISTE Standards: For Educators:
  • Create experiences for learners to make positive, socially responsible contributions and exhibit empathetic behavior online that build relationships and community.
  • Use collaborative tools to expand students' authentic, real-world learning experiences by engaging virtually with experts, teams and students, locally and globally.
For Students:
Global Collaborator
  • Students explore local and global issues and use collaborative technologies to work with others to investigate solutions.
Additional detail: ISTE author presentation

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

The purpose of this playground is to expose educators to ways in which SDGs integrate with ISTE Student Standards in education.

The objectives are as follows:
- Describe how SDGs fit in education.
- Discover ways to make direct links between SDGs and ISTE Student Standards.
- Connect with other educators who are making connections to SDGs in education.


Playground sessions will run on a 30-minute rotation. During this rotation, attendees will be able to engage with presents on how they integrate SDGs into education. Themed hours will be decided on, based on the proposals received. Some tables will have hands-on making activities, while others will operate moreso as an interactive lecture or a how-to.

Supporting research

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Margret Atkinson, University View Academy
Ava-Gaye Blackford, Eastlawn Elementary
Erin Dowd, JRNEY
Deepa George, STEM and IB educator

Deepa George is passionate about offering learning opportunities to children that bring problem-solving and real-world approaches together. She is an enthusiastic life-long learner and her most recent endeavor was learning to create high quality STEM challenges from STEM experts at the STEM Education center, WPI, Massachusetts. She envisions supporting a PLN for the parent community so that parents recognize the different ways they can lead and nurture their child’s learning at home. She was recently chosen to be the featured educator for the month of May, 2021 by the ISTE STEM PLN for her exemplary parent educator roles.

Donna Guerin, Global Lighthouse Studios
Douha Jemai, Mustapha kraif secondary school

Hi, I’m Douha ! secondary education I’m passionate about inclusive learning, digital practice and enabling others to achieve their potential through education, ... I'm also passionate about SDGs and focus my energies outside of work on volunteering projects that support achieving the Goals 4 Quality ✭ Mentor of Micro: bit British council 2020-2021 ✭ MIEExpert 2019-2020 2021 , ✭ MIETrainer, MIE Master Trainer 2020 -2021 ✭ TeachSDGs Ambassador chohort3,4,5 ✭Winner ISA british council (2018-2021) ✭ Teaching Computational Thinking through Coding ✭ Teaching, coaching + developing educators online + face-to-face -I have a 6 years of professorship&Master study at University

Amanda Lanicek, Springtown ISD
Tara Linney, TL Specialists
ISTE Certified Educator

Tara is the Founder of TLSpecialists LLC, an organization created to provide edtech and SEL-infused training for schools in this new world of hybrid and remote learning environments, with a focus on equitable experiences, delivered by diverse trainers. She is an award-winning educator who has helped several schools across the world with launching and sustaining effective 1:1 programs over the course of the last decade. In 2018, Tara authored and published the book, Code Equity: Keying Girls into Coding, as a guide for educators looking to make a more equitable learning environment for their students.

David Lockett, School of Applied Computational Sciences

David Lockett is middle school STEM and computer science teacher at Bok Academy in Lake Wales, Florida. He is currently serving as an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the Office of STEM Engagement.

Tia Luker-Putra, Dulwich College International Shanghai
Bhavna Mathew, Pathways World School
ISTE Certified Educator
Andrew McDonald, Self

Andrew is a science and math teacher with a side passion for computer science, and robotics. Educated in Ottawa with his M.Sc in medical physics, he worked in a cancer clinic before changing career paths to become a teacher. As an educator, he enjoys fostering a maker mindset for teachers and students alike. As a Makey Makey Certified Educator and Trainer, CoSpaces Ambassador, micro:bit Champion and Raspberry Certified Educator, he is looking to help others to explore various technologies and integrate them into the classroom.

Goh Kok Ming, A passionate primary teacher

A passionate primary teacher who likes to explore various methods to keep students engaged, motivated, learnt and accountable.

Ronald Nober, Southampton Township School

Ron Nober is a technology/STEAM teacher from Southampton, New Jersey, USA. He is also the co-host of the Teachernerdz podcast. Ron has an interest in design thinking, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and using technology, technology tools, and social media for social good. He believes today's students have a real interest in what is happening in the world around them and want a voice to shape the future they would like to see. Ron hopes to give students voice using activism, social entrepreneurship, and the positive power of technology and social media.

Dr. Shahinaz Osman, UAE University
Kamal Preet, Flip

Kamal Preet is a Lifelong learner & a Middle-School Science Educator from Bangalore, India. As a National Geographic Certified Educator, Kamal is passionate about everything STEM, the Global Goals, Gamification & SEL. She leverages her experience as a usability expert, & a classroom-science teacher to develop easy to implement, minimum experience needed solutions that increase student engagement while ensuring mastery of content in a time bound environment.

Silvia Scuracchio, Escola Bosque
ISTE Certified Educator

Silvia Scuracchio is a Principal and Head of Innovation at Escola Bosque , São Paulo, Brazil. Psychologist, Pedagogue, Master in Educational Psychology , ISTE Certified Educator

Dr. Jennifer Williams, Take Action Global

Dr. Jennifer Williams has dedicated herself for 25 years to the field of education through her roles as an education activist, professor, school administrator, literacy specialist, and classroom teacher. As an educator and author of the ISTE book, Teach Boldly: Using Edtech for Social Good, she champions teachers to use educational technology purposefully for the planet and its people​. She is a professor at Saint Leo University and the co-founder of TeachSDGs and the non-profit organization Take Action Global. Connect with Jennifer on Twitter at @JenWilliamsEdu and at

Dr. Leigh Zeitz, Leigh Zeitz/University of Northern Iowa

Dr. Leigh Zeitz is an ISTE Author, an Associate Professor, and Instructional Technology Coordinator at the University of Northern Iowa. He has been active in ISTE for over 30 years, is past President of the ISTE Global Collaboration PLN, and has been awarded the U.S. President's Volunteer Service Award through ISTE. In 2020, Dr. Z was awarded the 2020 ISTE Global Collaboration PLN Innovation award for his work on this project. Over his 44 years of teaching, he has developed an educational strategy that involves challenging and empowering learners by providing a learning environment that is teacher-guided and student-driven.