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Learning and Playing With Google Slides and Pear Deck

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Patricia Garcia  

Do you find it difficult to achieve 100% student engagement in your classroom? Pear Deck helps teachers deliver powerful learning moments by effortlessly leveraging student devices. In this immersive session, we will examine some of the research around engagement while learning Pear Deck’s top features.

Audience: Teachers
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices required
Attendee device specification: Smartphone: Android, iOS
Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Tablet: Android, iOS
Participant accounts, software and other materials: PearDeck App
Pear Deck Platform
Topic: Innovative learning environments
Grade level: 3-5
Subject area: Math
ISTE Standards: For Educators:
  • Foster a culture where students take ownership of their learning goals and outcomes in both independent and group settings.
  • Set professional learning goals to explore and apply pedagogical approaches made possible by technology and reflect on their effectiveness.

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

Participants will learn how PearDeck works and will have time to experience both student and teacher views of the tool.
This session will be a workshop. To experience both students and teacher roles, teachers need to have their device.
I will use a Chromebook and will be working with Google Slides and PearDeck
By the end of the session, teachers will walk away as a Pear Deck expert and have a Pear Deck of their own to use in their classroom.


Introduce PearDeck- 5 min
Explain Role as a teacher (5 min)
Experience a peardeck (7 min)
Q&A (3 min)

Supporting research

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Patricia Garcia, Nivel A

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