Tools That Work Round 3: Come for the Prizes, Stay for the Knowledge

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Dr. Christopher Balow  
Katie Fielding  
Maggie Layfield  
Jamie Saponaro  
Grant Whitaker  

Don’t miss out on the last round of Tools That Work! Hear five-minute stories from educators and tech leaders in an action-packed, Ignite-style session. Stay until the end to be entered to win one of the awesome prizes listed below.

You'll hear from:

Wix Education
Katie Fielding, Instructional Technology Coach at Woodbridge Senior High, will discuss how the Wix Education platform provides educators with everything they need to teach web design in their classrooms.

Jamie Saponaro, Educational Success Director at ClassLink, will discuss how ClassLink provides support and saves time for seamless technology integration from anywhere, allowing students to focus on learning and creativity.

Maggie Layfield, EdTech Guru at NetSupport will talk about how Davis School District used NetSupport School to maximize their edtech investment and achieve a high-performing classroom.

Grant Whitaker, Head Of Content at Numberella and formerly Head of Mathematics at Gayhurst School, UK, will discuss how the Numberella’s ecosystem of leagues, teams and adventure themes allow for positivity and creativity that motivate student activities even outside of the classroom.

Dr. Chris Balow, Chief Academic Officer at SchoolMint; Arizona State University will discuss how SchoolMint makes it easy for teachers to reward positive behavior and redirect the negative, giving students a sense of positive climate.

Prizes include:
From Numberella: x1 Numberella Deluxe Edition Level 2 + x1 Premium Subscription (year, from point of launch)
From ClassLink: $100 Amazon E-card

Influencer Disclosure: This session includes a presenter that indicated a “material connection” to a brand that includes a personal, family or employment relationship, or a financial relationship. See individual speaker menu for disclosure information.


Dr. Christopher Balow, SchoolMInt

With more than 33 years in public education, Dr. Balow has a passion for helping struggling students improve their academic, behavioral, social and emotional status. He has served as a School Psychologist, Asst. Director of Special Education, RtI/Intervention Director and Director of Research and Assessment. During this time, Dr. Balow was also an adjunct instructor in the School Psychology program at the University of Minnesota where he was an internship site supervisor for Ph.D. graduate students and taught courses in academic, social/emotional and behavioral interventions. Dr. Balow has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology/School Psychology from Arizona State University with sub-specialties in behavioral psychology, assessment, quantitative methods and child development.

Katie Fielding, Woodbridge Senior High School

With 17 years of experience in public schools, Katie Fielding is always excited to talk about ways to integrate technology into the classroom. Katie transitioned to the role of Instructional Technology Coach at Woodbridge Senior High School after 13 years in the high school science classroom. In that position, she has quickly found her niche in sharing instructional practices with her colleagues, and she was selected VSTE coach of the year in 2019. Katie takes joy in building capacity in others so they can fully participate in the digital world. Additionally, she is a Google Certified Innovator, Trainer, and Coach; Canvas Certified Educator. Learn more here:

Maggie Layfield

I'm a former ELA teacher turned techie. My passion is using #EdTech for Good and helping teachers, IT, and admin make the most of the tech that they have!

Jamie Saponaro, InTECHgration

Jamie Saponaro is an educational consultant and the Director of Educational Success for ClassLink. She is also the author of the book Creative Projects Using Popular Computer Applications and a podcaster on her educational podcast through ClassLink, LinkedUp: Breaking Boundaries in Education. Jamie loves spreading the word about ClassLink by helping schools roll it out to teachers and students, by providing webinars for support, and by sharing professional development through its platform.

Grant Whitaker, Numberella

I have over 30 years teaching experience in both the UK State and Independent sectors, spending 18 years at Gayhurst School as Head of Mathematics. I’ve always tried to make the teaching of maths a fun experience both for my pupils and for myself. If I’m having fun then the same enthusiasm and engagement is felt and experienced by the pupils. I currently run 2 Numberella After School Clubs at Gayhurst School.

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