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Research as a Creative Platform

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Participate and share : Interactive lecture

Cindy Pratt  
In this session, educators will discover how small changes to current units can turn basic research into a problem-solving opportunity for students from kindergarten through middle school. Projects shared will include applying animal research to designing enrichment devices for zoos or animal shelters, pairing research on global countries with innovative architecture or green-space design, and examining how leapfrogging technology can benefit nations around the world. Utilizing database tools like PebbleGo paired with creativity and communication tools like Wixie, educators will discover ways to implement digital tools to empower students to communicate through audio or video and enable students to share that content with others. We will also look at how these same digital platforms can help students to explain, apply and extend their learning in math, history and other subjects.

Audience: Library media specialists, Teachers
Topic: Library/media
Grade level: PK-5, 6-8


Cindy Pratt, Jefferson Community School/Minneapolis Public Schools

Cindy Pratt is a Media Specialist at Jefferson Community School with Minneapolis Public Schools for the last 9 years. Core to her teaching, Cindy aims to validate background knowledge, integrate new skills, and create a culture of support and collaboration with students and staff. She garnered a 2017 grant from the Laura Bush Foundation for Libraries to revitalize library resources and a 2020 Achieve grant to incorporate robotics and coding into the curriculum. She helped align District Library Media curriculum with ISTE and AASL standards and has led instruction in a variety of learning platforms.

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