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Meaning on the Mural Mile: Inquiry-Based Learning Leveraging Mobile Devices and Multimedia

Pennsylvania Convention Center, Broad Street Atrium

Participate and share: Trip / Tour
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Technology & Innovation Specialist
Flagstaff Unified School District
Ashley Esparza is the Technology and Innovation Specialist for Flagstaff Unified School District. She works to support students and teachers by developing and facilitating projects and professional development opportunities that promote current technology integration practices. Ashley strives to promote equity in education by supporting teachers in their ability to create learning opportunities that are accessible to all. She provides resources and instructional support so that diverse, rigorous and personalized learning environments can be provided to students throughout Flagstaff Unified School District.
Learning, Technology & Innovation Coordi
Flagstaff Unified School District
Renda Fisk is an Educational Technologist with the Flagstaff Unified School District. She is experienced in leveraging technology to transform learning in the classroom and supporting teachers in a peer coaching role. She facilitates professional learning opportunities for educators. Renda is passionate about working with fellow educators to provide innovative and quality learning opportunities for students. She believes that technology, in the hands of exceptional educators, develops students who are lifelong creators, learners, and problem solvers
Assistant Director Learning & Innovation
Flagstaff Unified School District
As the Assistant Director for Leaning, Technology & Innovation Heather Zeigler does this.

Session description

Through this walking tour of Philadelphia’s Mural Mile, you'll leverage Apple® mobile devices and Clips® to answer the essential questions: What meaning can be conveyed through art? How might art ignite change? This innovative experience models how creating multimedia propels inquiry-based learning for both teachers and students.
This tour will begin at the "Start From Here" mural, located at 1315 Race St., Philadelphia, PA 19107

Purpose & objective

The purpose of this session is to explore the opportunities that inquiry-based learning provides. This approach allows learners to collaborate, investigate, and be creative. The open-ended essential questions address specific learning objectives while still providing an opportunity for learners to create their own understanding of big ideas. Participants will utilize Clips® to create a product that captures their unique perspective of Philadelphia's Mural Mile and their impression of the messages that the artist might be conveying.
Presenters and participants will meet at the start of the tour to review the Mural Mile map and discuss the essential questions: What meaning can be conveyed through art? How might art ignite change? From there, presenters will facilitate the activity by guiding the group along a portion of Philadelphia's Mural Mile. The group will stop to engage with street art installations, reflect on the essential questions, and capture art and ideas using Clips®. Presenters will prompt conversation and deeper thinking by asking probing questions (look, describe, think, connect). To close the session, participants will have time to compose their final project, share their work with the group, and take a moment to connect the format of this session to their work and identify how this learning format might look within the participants’ own educational context.

- Participants will be able to create a multimedia presentation using Clips® to answer the essential questions.
- Participants will be able to describe their interpretation of street art installations along Philadelphia’s Mural Mile.
- Participants will be able to make personal connections between their impressions of street art installations and how art can be used to ignite change.

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A. Welcome & Introduction- 10 MINS
a. Introductions of facilitators
b. Pair share introductions of participants through Looking at Art protocol
c. Project sharing permissions
B. Objective Overview & Background- 20 MINS
a. Explain objectives
b. Form groups
c. Ensure access to resources through the website
d. Build an understanding of both basic tools in Clips and best practices for the
collection of digital artifacts (audio, imagery, video) to be able to successfully
produce a product that answers the essential questions
C. Walking Tour and Digital Artifact Collection- 60 MINS
a. Guided tour of either murals 5-9 or 9-13 of Mural Mile North to engage with
the street art
b. Participants will collect digital artifacts to then be able to create a multimedia
project that answers the essential questions
D. Project Creation & Submission- 30 MINS
a. Participants will be asked to create a 2-4 minute Clips® multimedia product
that answers the essential questions
i. What meaning can be conveyed through art?
ii. How might art ignite change?
b. Submission of multimedia projects to Twitter @fusdedtech
c. Facilitators will share all projects (with granted permission by participants) to
the ISTE Live 2023 Twitter account

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Session specifications

Project-, problem- & challenge-based learning
Curriculum/district specialists, Teachers, Technology coordinators/facilitators
Attendee devices:
Devices required
Attendee device specification:
Smartphone: iOS
Tablet: iOS
Participant accounts, software and other materials:
All resources will be viewable from the session resource website at:

It would be helpful for all participants to download the Clips® iOS app ( onto their Apple® mobile device prior to this tour session, to maximize learning time.

Subject area:
Performing/visual arts, STEM/STEAM