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Leading Your School or District During the AI & Web3 Revolution

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 105AB

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VP Strategy and Innovation
Getting Smart
Nate McClennen is Vice-President of Strategy and Innovation at Getting Smart. At Getting Smart, Nate supports schools, districts, organizations, foundations, and universities to determine a strategic path forward based on the future of learning. His expertise and interests focus on expanded learning ecosystems, learning networks, technology-enabled personalized learning, project-based learning, real-world learning, purpose making, rural communities, equity, and place-based education. Nate has built two ed-tech solutions, helped found and lead a PK-12 school, taught math/science at multiple levels, supported multiple school launches, consulted nationally and internationally, and launched a rural-school network over his 25 year career.
Chief Executive Officer
Vriti Saraf (@vritisaraf) is the CEO & founder of k20 Educators ( a consultancy that advises on and builds metaverse spaces for learning. She is also a co-founder of the first decentralized autonomous non-profit organizations for educators, by educators, called Ed3 DAO ( Both organizations aim to reimagine education. Vriti has served as a teacher, a professor, a dean, & a director in public, private, & charter schools both locally & internationally across k12 & higher education.

Session description

School administrators and organizational leaders have an opportunity to position their institutions at the vanguard of the education industry, using emerging technology like AI. We'll start with an overview of these technologies, exploring their potential for administrative efficiency, scalability, and personalized education. Our discussion will cover the benefits and practicalities of AI-driven systems for mass personalized instruction, the use of Blockchain for secure, decentralized record-keeping, and the Metaverse for creating immersive, large-scale learning environments. As leaders, your role in setting clear vision, investing in staff development, fostering technology vendor relationships, and building an adaptive, future-ready culture will be explored. The session will conclude with a Q&A segment, providing an opportunity for attendees to engage in in-depth discussions, share their unique challenges and get insights into the practical aspects of implementing AI, Blockchain, and the Metaverse at scale. This session aims to empower leaders of educational institutions with the knowledge and strategies to pioneer a new era of tech-infused education.

Purpose & objective

The objectives of this presentation include 1) Participants will understand the basics of Web3 related to education and have the tools to share this information with others in their organizations. 2) Participants will understand next steps to deepen their own knowledge and skills around how Web3 will impact the education sector.

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This panel will be a focused discussion around what the potential of web3 technology in education is. This includes metaverse, credentialing, blockchain, self-sovereign identities and more. Speakers will spend the first 3-5 minutes surveying participants to understand the level of knowledge in the room and adjust content in real time to best support those in the live audience. From there, we’ll spend 15-20 minutes imagining the future of education with web 3. Through visuals and discussion, we will imagine the world that Web3 technologies can create (as well as the potential challenges). Next we’ll spend about 15-20 minutes exploring the current state of Ed3 and where progress is being made. We’ll close with an open discussion including addressing concerns and giving each participant a next step to take back to their community to support web3 and the future of learning.

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Supporting research

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Session specifications

Emergent technologies
Grade level:
Skill level:
Chief technology officers/superintendents/school board members, Coaches, Technology coordinators/facilitators
Attendee devices:
Devices required
Attendee device specification:
Laptop: Chromebook, Mac
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
ISTE Standards:
For Coaches:
Change Agent
  • Connect leaders, educators, instructional support, technical support, domain experts and solution providers to maximize the potential of technology for learning.
Learning Designer
  • Collaborate with educators to design accessible and active digital learning environments that accommodate learner variability.
For Education Leaders:
Connected Learner
  • Set goals to remain current on emerging technologies for learning, innovations in pedagogy and advancements in the learning sciences.