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A Systemwide Approach to Career-Related Learning in the Early Grades

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 118C

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Session description

Adopting a systemwide approach to career-related learning in the early grades is an opportunity to build the foundation of a student's future-possible selves. This session provides the what, why and how of the Cajon Valley model, integrated by teachers, for every child, through innovative pedagogy and technology.

Purpose & objective

Educational Challenge: This session focuses on innovation in early-grades careers education. There has never been more interest from districts for introducing career related learning in elementary as there is today. But how do we do it effectively and while ensuring student agency?

Technology Intervention: The integration of blended learning tools, and specific career development PD for teachers, means they are able to use system-wide technology like Google Suite and applications like SeeSaw to create an agentic approach to career-related learning in the classroom.

Models Deployed: As a result of the presentation, participants will see examples for how teachers are using a model that includes a vocational language with and modern technology, to help their students better know themselves and make connections to their place in the world.

Instructional Activities: Teachers create learning opportunities for students both in independent, group and rotational activities. In this environment where every student owns their own chromebook, with applications cloud and single sign on, it is seamless to invite students to accelerate their learning with technology. Within that suite is myriad of tech tools for teacher and students, grounded by the Google Suite of tools.

Evidence of Success: Will share video examples of the things students can say and do as a result of this integration of career-related learning and technology.

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5 minutes: Introduction to the Cajon Valley District, students, culture, technology and background.

10 minutes: Audience will be introduced to the career language used in Cajon and will self report their career themes - a prerequisite for our work deployed by teachers.

10 minutes: Introduction to learning tool used by Cajon, learning 365 provides access to teachers and staff all day and every day throughout the year.

5 minutes: Examples of the Cajon hardware/software suite of technology tools and applications accessible to both teachers and students.

10 minutes: Examples of students' demonstrations of learning over various technology platforms.

5+ minutes: Q&A

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Supporting research

Starting career related learning in the early grades is not about having students decide what they want to be when they grow up, but rather about getting students excited about who they are, their futures, diminish exposure bias and develop a foundation of self and career for their transition to the upper grades. This paper by the OECD highlights the critical nature of this work and the need for it now, in all schools, to equip young people for the ever changing world of work. With statistics such as,"only half of students on average across
the OECD have spoken to a career guidance counsellor in school," it is more important than ever to expand the integration and effectiveness of career-related learning in schools.

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Session specifications

Innovation in early childhood/elementary
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Chief technology officers/superintendents/school board members, Principals/head teachers, Teachers
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Career and technical education
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