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Low-key karaoke (We don’t judge!)


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EdTech Specialist
An enthusiastic, self-driven, and creative multilingual professional who has been working in the field of educational technology, innovation, and coaching. Has been successfully leading tech integration in one of the best international IB schools in Chile and actively assisting teachers and students to meet The International Society for Technology in Education standards in a personalized way.

Session description

Are you ready for some low-key karaoke in the Metaverse? This karaoke has no stakes, we cast no judgment, and we don’t care how you sing– just that you have fun! We’re hoping to gather up requests for this party so if you know you want to join, fill out this form with your song choice:

Here are some instructions for accessing and using the ISTE Metaverse:
- Allow access to mic & camera
- Click on your avatar to change your name (make it fictional or use your real name!) and decorate your avatar.
- Be whoever you want for this party!
- Take time to orient yourself to the space.
- When you jump into the link, you’ll enter the Tutorial Room.
- Walk through the Tutorial Room and follow the prompts and familiarize yourself with the program.
- Practice these moves with your keyboard:
- - - Move your avatar with your arrows.
- - - When you’re close to someone, you can press F to interact.
- - - Press the number “0” to dance
- - - Press the space bar to jump
- - - Press 1-5 for different reactions
- If you want to change your appearance throughout the party, click on your avatar
- To have private chats and group conversations, walk to chairs and tables.
- Portals take you to other spaces.
- When you’re done in the tutorial space, there’s just one other room for the party.
- Just walk up to the “Enter into ISTELive” portal to enter the party space.
- Keep link handy. If you encounter any issues, refresh your page.
- Important note: you will need to enable your camera and video again whenever you refresh or enter into a new space!
- Walk up to the “i” circle for the party schedule and information.
- Use the chat in the bottom middle of your screen.
- It will refresh when you enter new rooms but you’ll see a tiny chat bubble appear above your avatar when you post in the chat.
- Remember to always be respectful and abide by the conference code of conduct in any virtual (and in-person!) space.

Session specifications