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Global Collaboration VIRTUAL Playground: Passport to Social Good


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SFPS/Walden and Antioch Universities
Dr. Jackie Gerstein teaches gifted education at two Title 1 schools within Santa Fe Public Schools; and graduate-level online courses for Walden and Antioch Universities.  She is the author of the book, Learning in the Making: How to Plan, Execute, and Assess Powerful Makerspace Lessons, published by ASCD.  Jackie believes that one of the roles and responsibilities of the 21st century educator is to share resources, ideas, and instructional strategies with other educators. As such, she tweets @jackiegersten and blogs at
Global Educator
Global Lighthouse Studios
@Donna Guerin
Donna Guerin, an experienced educator with 24 years of classroom teaching and 8 years of involvement in global education, holds a student-centered learning and project-based philosophy. She firmly believes that students thrive when they are actively engaged in their educational journey. Recognizing the importance of equity and diversity in education, Donna is passionate about uniting people worldwide to foster inclusive learning environments. With this vision in mind, she founded Global Lighthouse Studios, an international educational non-profit, in 2021.
Director Instructional Technology & Blended Learning
BreakFree Education, Go Teach Be Love
Dr. Kaylah Holland is passionate about empowering educators through professional development, one on one coaching, and innovative lesson design. She holds a Doctorate of Education in Instructional Design and Technology with extensive research in active learning environments. She has spent years empowering educators and championing student-centered classrooms. She is a Google Certified Trainer & Innovator, a college professor, an ISTE community Leader, and was presented the “20 to Watch” award by ISTE in 2022. Kaylah is the Director of Instructional Technology and Blended Learning for BreakFree Education and works to empower educators to radically improve education inside juvenile justice facilities.
Teacher Success Champion
Kami + Gold EDU
Stephanie has been working in Pickerington Schools since 2014. Stephanie has spoken at conferences such as ISTE, ITIP and OETC and her most recent achievements are being apart of the team named ISTE’s Distinguished District, WOSU Leadership Award, a Google Innovator, and PLSD’s Innovative Leader award. Stephanie is one of the founding members of Global GEG and Gold EDU. Stephanie has a masters in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership.Stephanie is the CEO of Gold EDU, Control the Chaos EDU, and is also the EdTech Lead for the Pickerington Local Schools District. Stephanie has spoken at conferences around the world. Her most recent achievements are being apart of the team named ISTE’s Distinguished District, WOSU Leadership Award, a Google Innovator, and PLSD’s Innovative Leader award. Stephanie is one of the founding members of Global GEG and Gold EDU. Stephanie has a masters in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership. Stephanie is a co host on two post Get Inspired and Innovative and Control the Chaos EDU.
Jane Ji is an award-winning game designer and producer. In tandem with her team, she created the award-winning educational mobile game series iBiome. As a co-founder of Springbay Studio, Jane created the iBiome series to educate children and create a generation that cares about nature and climate change. Jane believes that environmental education should be more empowering, playful and action-based. Currently Jane is leading her team on the League for Green Leaders program, one-of-its-kind online climate action platform for children around the world to compete and reduce their carbon footprint.
Education Coach | Experience Designer
Samsung Education | Lanier Learning
Dee Lanier is a life-long educator who is extremely passionate about issues of equity and inquiry-based learning. A career educator, Dee has facilitated racial equity and culturally responsive professional development globally through the lens of design thinking. Dee holds Undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Sociology with special interests in education, race relations, and inequity. Dee is an award-winning presenter, author of Demarginalizing Design, TEDx Speaker, Google Certified Trainer, Google Innovator, and Google Certified Coach. Dee is also the creator of the design thinking educational activities, Solve in Time!®, and Maker Kitchen™ and is the co-host of the Liberated Educator podcast.
Primary Teacher
Pathways World School
Teaching and mentoring learners for 19 years. I've worked in manifold capacities & roles. At present, I am a Primary School Service Coordinator &teach ESL at Pathways World School. A Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Flipgrid enthusiast, Adobe Creative Educator, Seesaw, Wakelet, and Teach SDG Ambassador, Global School Advocate and ISTE Community Leader. Being passionate about ‘Global Citizenship and International Mindedness’, I have facilitated and participated in numerous Global Goals projects. Creator - Educator Club #DesiretoLearn .Recognised for my work Internationally and Nationally through the prestigious awards – IPN INSPIRE- Global Collaboration Award, ISTE ‘Global Collaboration Network’ and ’20 to Watch’ Award.
Associate professor
UAE University
Associate Professor of Educational Technology, Google certified trainer and group leader, Microsoft master trainer, SDG's ambassador and member of Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD). I've been awarded the prize of excellence in administration and accademic work , iam leading an initiative to train educators in my home country Sudan on using Edtech effectively the target is 6000+.
Educator Innovation Lead
I'm Kamal Preet - Educator Innovation Lead at Flip 💚 Microsoft, working towards amplifying EVERY voice - because IT MATTERS! 📣✨ Prior to joining Team Flip, I was a Middle School Science Teacher where I got the opportunity to shape & impact the lives of students - our future. I’m super passionate about everything- STEM (I'm partial to Science & Technology), The Global Goals / The UN SDGs, Gamification (gamer at heart), Social Emotional Learning, and live by the adage "Be The Change you wish to see in the World" 🌏
Technology & Digital Design Coordinator
St. Catherine's Moorlands School
ISTE Certified Educator
Greta Sandler is a Learning Innovation Leader at Belgrano Day School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is passionate about creating safe learning environments and empowering learners by giving them a voice and choice in their education, nurturing their creativity, and prioritizing their social-emotional needs. Greta is an ISTE Certified Educator and a Google Certified Trainer who advocates for agile, student-centered classrooms and project-based learning. She aligns projects with the UN's SDGs, empowering students to become agents of social change. As an ISTE Community Leader, Greta enjoys working alongside educators worldwide, exchanging ideas, and empowering teachers everywhere to elevate their practice.
Technology Instructor/Trainer
Utah Education Education
ISTE Certified Educator
Kayla Towner is a Utah Education Network (UEN) senior technology trainer & a Utah Teacher Fellow. She is passionate about implementing learning that focuses on student agency, providing choices & ways to show competency (PCBL). Kayla encourages educators to be innovative creators by expanding their comfort zones. She is excited about sharing Utah's Online School Library, a free virtual library available to Utah K-12 teachers & students. Kayla enjoys working with Canvas, Google, Canva, & Microsoft to develop her students' media skills. Kayla has a Master's Degree in the Arts of Teaching & is committed to helping students develop 21st-century skills.
At the moment, Marcela teaches Environmental Sciences and Global Perspectives in a bilingual school in Buenos Aires, where she lives. She is also a teacher trainer. Marcela supports the United Nations 2030 Agenda. She firmly believes in its inclusion in the classrooms. She has been a T4 Ambassador for two years and is a Teach SDGs ambassador and a United Nations Global Schools advocate as well. She works for numerous NGOs trying to connect with teachers and students around the World to take action towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Join a global virtual experience to connect your classroom to the world and learn how to make an impact using SDG projects. Fill your digital passport by participating in interactive sessions, signing up for projects, obtaining resources, and joining a network of global educators. Start your global collaboration adventure by learning to be positive, active participants in the world. You can access the Global Collaboration Virtual Playground experience at There are sessions, resources, and opportunities to win prizes!

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