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Engaging Students Past Zoom – How Promethean Is Helping the BTS Journey

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Matt Barfield  
Hosted by Promethean Inc.. In this roundtable discussion with Promethean’s Matt Barfield, you’ll learn how education technology leaders optimized technology to improve student engagement and reimagine their classrooms. The speakers are Karen Babor, School District of Lee County; and Beth Petty, Richland County School District.

Audience: Chief technology officers/superintendents/school board members, Principals/head teachers, Teachers
Topic: Innovative learning environments
Grade level: PK-12


Matt Barfield, Promethean Inc

Matt Barfield graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a degree in Elementary Education and worked nine years in a rural district in NC. After finding a love of working with teachers in his district, Matt ventured outside of his school district and began to work in the professional development field across the Carolinas. For eleven years, Matt has been working with Promethean, Inc. to help teachers integrate instructional technology in the classroom. Matt is a father, a husband, a teacher, an instructional technology integrator, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and a professional development guru for Promethean, Inc.

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