Creating Digital and Accessible Math for Diverse Learners

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Louis Shanafelt  
Hosted by Texthelp. Creating digital and accessible content is important. Digital content can (usually) be enlarged, read aloud with text or screen readers, manipulated, copied, created with speech and more. Due to the complexity of math symbols and the requirement for students to “show their work,” it has been difficult, if not impossible.

Audience: Curriculum/district specialists, Principals/head teachers, Teachers
Topic: Assistive & adaptive technologies
Grade level: PK-12
Subject area: Math, STEM/STEAM


Louis Shanafelt, Texthelp

After spending 20 years in a large urban district as a teacher & administrator, I am excited to be a contributing member of the Texthelp family, who is a leader in Assistive Technology in the EdTech community. I have taught elementary & secondary mathematics as well as obtained extensive experience with Instructional Design. I trained other instructional employees how to use technology in the classroom & how instruction can be differentiated to meet the needs of learners. I am excited to share with you all the benefits of using EquatIO with your students.

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