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Unlocking Student Potential w/A.I. Assistance

Pennsylvania Convention Center, 126A

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Instsructional Technology Specialist
Waynesboro Area School District
I am an Instructional Technology Specialist with The Waynesboro Area School District. I taught 5th grade STEM as well as 3rd, 4th and 5th grade self contained classrooms for 10 years. I have earned two Master’s degrees, one in curriculum and one in leadership. I am a Google Certified Trainer as well as a certified Apple Learning Coach. I have multiple recognitions including Teacher of the Year nominations, Outstanding Educator Nominee from Maryland Society for Educational Technology(MSET) and recognized as a 2022 Keystone Technology Innovator Star.

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Artificial Intelligence has the potential to revolutionize education, providing personalized learning and experiences and unlocking the potential of students like never before. The implementation of AI in the classroom has the potential to enhance outcomes, maximize engagement, and support the development of 21st century skills!

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Artificial Intelligence
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