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Greg Tarzan Davis

Before taking to screens big and little, Greg Tarzan Davis was an elementary school teacher. So when he says the possibilities for today’s learners are limitless, his words are backed by experience. He also understands that educators could use a motivational refresh right about now – and that’s what he’ll deliver at ISTELive 22!

You don’t want to miss what Davis shares about his mantra, “I don’t get tired because I can’t get tired.” Or the story of how a high school teacher inspired him to pursue his acting passion.

Bring a District Team to ISTELive 22!

Ushering in large-scale change to a school or district requires a deep cultural shift. That's why many education leaders choose to send an entire team to the ISTELive 22 to gather ideas and collaborate on solutions. Hear from some district leaders who use this strategy to get their whole team on board with tech-empowered learning.

The Hottest Topics in Edtech for 2022!

These are the eight hottest topics in edtech based on proposals submitted by educators for ISTELive 22. The list illustrates a level of sophistication and maturity as tools and gadgets take a back seat to pedagogy and learning design.

Twitter Weighs in on How to Make the Most of ISTELive 22!

We turned to Twitter for the best advice on what to bring, how to plan and how to get the most out of the best education conference out there. Before you head for New Orleans in June, read these snippets of advice from the sages of ISTE.