Rules, Regulations, and Policies

This page offers a collection of all rules, regulations and policies pertaining to the ISTELive 22 Conference & Expo. It is your organization's responsibility to ensure that it and all employees adhere to all regulations associated with your method of participation. Please pay special attention to the COVID Health and Safety Policies and Code of Conduct.

Email Exhibit Management with any questions regarding these policies.


General Exhibiting Rules and Set up Guidelines

The ISTELive 22 Expo Rules and Regulations must be adhered to by all exhibitors.

Payments, Policies and Deadlines

For a full list of payment and cancellation policies, please visit the Exhibitor Services Portal.

Expo Meeting Room Rentals

The ISTELive 22 Meeting Room Rules and Regulations must be adhered to by all expo meeting room renters.


General Advertising Terms

A complete set of advertising terms and conditions is available.

Game Regulations

Exhibitors participating in the in-person raffle must adhere to the Expo Raffle Game Rules and Regulations.

Exhibitors participating in the virtual raffle must adhere to the Virtual Expo Raffle Rules and Regulations..

Code of conduct

The ISTELive 22 Event Code of Conduct governs all activity at the ISTELive 22 Conference and Expo. All exhibitors and their representatives agree to abide by ISTE's Policies and code of conduct.

Please click here for health and safety information.