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Health and safety protocols

Planning an event around COVID requires flexibility from all involved. As we look to June 2022, should conditions remain similar to the current state of the virus and community transmission, the below policies will be in place for ISTELive 22. Should conditions change, we may decide to scale back or implement additional protocols taking into consideration local, state, and federal policies and recommendations. All decisions will be made with the health and safety of our attendees, presenters, exhibitors, partners and staff being of the utmost importance.

While we regularly aim to accommodate unique situations and find creative solutions, COVID protocols are not flexible. In order to bring our community together face-to-face in a safe and collaborative environment, we will be rigorous in our monitoring and enforcement of these policies.

Vaccinations - proof of vaccination, will be required to pick up your badge. This requirement is also in place for any contractors that may be assisting with assembly, disassembly, or staffing of your booth. Depending upon conditions, ISTE may implement an additional step requiring a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of arrival at the live conference. If implemented, that will be in addition to proof of vaccination. Further information on how you will provide proof of vaccination will be published in 2022.

Masks - based on the highly contagious nature of the Delta variant, we will require masks to be worn at all times while inside the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center as well as on shuttle buses. This includes during assembly, disassembly, and staffing of your booth. Should CDC guidance change by June of 2022, we may elect to alter or adapt this requirement.

Attestation of self-quarantine - we will ask that anyone experiencing COVID symptoms during the conference refrain from attending the conference as soon as they believe they may be ill. We will provide further information on resources to facilitate testing from your accommodation so as not to potentially spread the virus.

Social distancing - participants should maintain social distancing in public areas such as the exhibit hall, playgrounds, posters, and walkways. Room designs will accommodate varying levels of social distancing based on capacity.

Booth density - within booths, current maximum capacities are based on 28 sq feet per person to allow for social distancing. These maximums include both booth staff and attendees, are based upon the current IAEE standards for safety and should be considered as being necessary at any one time. Demonstration or seating areas within booths should be situated with this spacing in mind. To determine your booth’s maximum occupation potential, please divide your booth’s total square footage by 28. All maximums are in place to balance the health and safety of all involved along with the ability to have a rich face-to-face experience.

Hand washing/sanitizer - we will ensure handwashing facilities are open and fully stocked as well as placing hand sanitizer throughout the facility. Sanitization between uses of any devices used by attendees is required and suggest stocking your own hand sanitizer for staff and attendee use.

Facility - the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center has earned GBAC STAR™ accreditation meaning they are trained and already applying increased cleaning protocols within the facility to ensure a safe venue. We will be working with their staff closely on any state, local, and federal guidelines that need to be implemented as well as maximizing their current operations such as increased air intake and session room cleaning.