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Dominic Hill, Tokyo, Japan
ISTE Certified Educator
Dominic Hill is an international educator who specializes in K-12 math and technology. An ISTE Certified Educator, he currently teaches at the British School of Tokyo in Japan. Born and raised in Lancashire, England, Hill studied and taught secondary/high school math in the northwest for a number of years before beginning a career in international education. While working in Hong Kong, he transitioned to a more technology-focused role where he developed a love for the ISTE Standards and applied them in his teaching. One of the first international ISTE Certified Educators, Hill began to embed the standards into teaching throughout his school, and took an interest in how to apply computational thinking as a key skill in subjects other than computer science. While working as a technology specialist, Hill maintained a teaching workload in math, but in the context of enrichment, giving students an opportunity to learn topics not usually covered as part of the syllabus. These sessions covered popular mathematical ideas and games, such as the unsolved Collatz conjecture, or how math helped prove that a famous Minecraft YouTuber had cheated in his videos. It was in these sessions that Hill observed the strong links computational thinking has in helping students problem-solve. In response, he developed various projects and ideas that allow students to develop their computational thinking skills. Due to his avid interest in cognitive science and its impact on education, Hill also leverages technology to increase opportunities for retrieval practice through gamification and game-based learning. He’s currently developing a game-based learning suite of apps that can be used across a number of subjects. Hill shares many of his lessons and activities on his website Maths Beyond the Curriculum (

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