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Create and Curate a Collection of Tools to Engage, Enhance & Extend Learning

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Location: Room 356-7
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Explore and create : Creation lab

Meredith Boullion  
Anissa Fontenot  

Participants will collaborate to create custom tech tool videos aligned to the Triple E Framework using Flipgrid to create and curate. Participants will leave with access to the video collection to support them with the evaluation and integration of tech tools to engage, enhance and extend learning to master objectives.

Audience: Coaches, Teachers, Technology coordinators/facilitators
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices required
Attendee device specification: Smartphone: Android, Windows, iOS
Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Topic: Creativity & curation tools
Grade level: PK-12
ISTE Standards: For Coaches:
  • Personalize support for educators by planning and modeling the effective use of technology to improve student learning.
Learning Designer
  • Collaborate with educators to design accessible and active digital learning environments that accommodate learner variability.
  • Model the use of instructional design principles with educators to create effective digital learning environments.

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

The purpose of this session to curate a collection of participant-created videos to use for evaluating the effectiveness of technology tool integration to support the Triple E Framework.

As a result of participation in this session, participants will:
-evaluate technology currently used in the delivery of lessons.
-consider how tools support learning through engagement, enhancement, and extension of lessons objectives.
-create a video to showcase a tool and how it can be used to support student learning as it aligns to the Triple E Framework.
-learn how Flipgrid can be used as a curation tool for educators.
-have access to a curated collection of videos that support student learning.


Participants will enter and join a Pear Deck presentation to provide a response to the question, "What tech tools are in your tool belt?" Responses will be shared live until the session begins. They will need a device to participate.

INTRODUCTION (5 minutes)
Presenters will share an overview of the Triple E Framework and how it is used to evaluate technology tools.

Participants will respond to a Pear Deck prompt asking them to consider the tools mentioned to provide examples of how they are used to engage, enhance, and extend learning objectives. Participants will need a device to participate.

Presenters will demonstrate how to use Flipgrid tools to create a video.

Participants will then navigate to the Flipgrid topic where they will create a video to include the following:
-Name and description of the tech tool selected
-Explanation of its function
-Specific applied examples of how it can align to the Triple E Framework through either engagement, enhancement, or extension of learning objectives
*At this time, presenters will circulate to support participants with the project creation and any other questions regarding the tools used in the session.

PEER REVIEW (post creation until session ends)
Participants have the opportunity to review other videos and provide comments.

Participants will be provided with a link/QR code to the Flipgrid topic to have a curated resource of technology tools aligned to the Triple E Framework.

Supporting research

The research that informs the Triple E Framework evaluation of educational applications can be found here:

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Meredith Boullion, Calcasieu Parish School Board
ISTE Certified Educator
Anissa Fontenot, Calcasieu Parish

Anissa Fontenot currently serves as a Technology Facilitator for the Calcasieu Parish School Board (CPSB) supporting teachers with 1:1 technology integration. Since 2001, Mrs. Fontenot has had the opportunity to work in K-12 and higher education. Her teaching career began in special education. After 9 years in the classroom, she joined the Louisiana Assistive Technology Initiative working with special education teachers on how to improve access for students with special needs using technology. Prior to returning to CPSB, she worked at California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) as an instructional designer assisting faculty in designing courses aligned with Quality Matters Standards.

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