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K-12 State of the Industry: Superintendents Share Lessons Learned, Future Plans

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Dr. PJ Caposey  
Dan Cox  
Doug Roberts  
Dr. Alena Zachery-Ross  

The last two years have placed monumental pressure on our nation's K-12 district leaders who were tasked with navigating unimaginable challenges to keep students learning. In this conversation, three superintendents share their perspectives on the state of education today, what's changed, and their hopes for the future.

Audience: Chief technology officers/superintendents/school board members, Principals/head teachers, Teachers
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices not needed
Topic: Leadership
Grade level: 6-12
ISTE Standards: For Education Leaders:
Visionary Planner
  • Engage education stakeholders in developing and adopting a shared vision for using technology to improve student success, informed by the learning sciences.
Empowering Leader
  • Empower educators to exercise professional agency, build teacher leadership skills and pursue personalized professional learning.
Connected Learner
  • Set goals to remain current on emerging technologies for learning, innovations in pedagogy and advancements in the learning sciences.

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

The pandemic has forever changed the landscape of K-12 education, especially when looking at it through the lens of the impact of technology.

Throughout this Ed Talk, participants will share their perspective on how things have changed as it relates to the current ‘state of the industry,’ how technology has specifically impacted how we operate in our educational spaces, what the long-term impacts of these shifts are, and what we anticipate the future will hold for education as we emerge from the pandemic.

Purpose and Objectives:

It’s rare we have an opportunity to get so many visionary thinkers in the same room. This session provides a unique space to explore what’s next for education and the role technology will play moving forward. Participants can expect the following learning outcomes:

•An understanding of how the use of technology for students, families and educators that was facilitated by the pandemic have created lasting changes in education and forever altered the current landscape.
• How technology used in districts will continue to support and impact schools, students, teachers, and their families in the future.
• The most pressing opportunities for us to consider now that we have had a chance to reflect on the current ‘state of the industry’ (and how we got here), and the way education can and should look moving forward.


Content and Activities: Content will include insights, and reflections from superintendents sharing their thoughts on a variety of topics related to the ‘the state of the industry,’ and the planning for the future landscape of education, including: how technology has shifted this landscape; diving into challenges and lessons learned from the past two years; and, reflections on what the long-term impact will be on our educational system and expectations for the future. Participants will also be invited to join in a question-and-answer session throughout and during the session via Backchannel and polling.

Time: 1) 5 minutes - welcome and introductions 2) 20 minutes - addressing the current ‘state of the industry’ 3) 15 minutes - what will be the long-term impact of their lessons learned on the impact of technology 4) 15 minutes – what will do we think our future ‘state of the industry’ will look like - especially as it relates to technology? 5) 5 minutes for closing reflections and question-and-answer

Process: we will engage our audience through question-and-answers via digital polling, sharing best practices throughout the session.

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Dr. PJ Caposey, Meridian CUSD 223 / ASCD

PJ is a sought after keynote presenter, best-selling author, consultant, and provider of professional development and has recently keynoted several national conferences specializing in time management, the tyranny of the status quo, school culture, continuous improvement, social media, and teacher evaluation. He lives in Northwest Illinois with his wife, who is also an educator, and their four children.

Dan Cox, Rochester CUSD #3a

Dan Cox is has served as superintendent for 12 years, currently at Rochester CUSD #3a in Rochester, IL. Dan utilizes social media to tell his district's story and to better connect with stakeholders within his district and incorporates specific strategies to combat negativity on social media. Dan specializes in strategic planning and leadership coaching and development. Running "Tough Mudders" and "Spartan Races" are Dan's favorite way to take a break from the demands of the profession.

Doug Roberts, Institute for Education Innovation

Through my work with school district leaders and edtech entrepreneurs for nearly 20 years, I saw a need to bridge the gap between these two groups of brilliant people and find ways to help them foster mutual partnerships. I had a big vision for the Institute for Education Innovation when I founded it in 2018, but I could never have dreamed of the impact this organization would ultimately have on school district leaders, education organizations and the opportunities we have created to develop better solutions that will ultimately support our students.

Dr. Alena Zachery-Ross, Ypsilanti Community Schools

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