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SDG Warriors: "STEMinists" on a Mission to Be the Change

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Simar Mohanty  
Kamal Preet  

How an all-girls team of geographically separated "STEMinists" collaborated online to interview NatGeoExplorers around the world, Explored-Discovered-Connected over a global project on Biodiversity and shared their learning with a real audience through student-led podcasts, eBooks and gamified Minecraft worlds. Leave with tonnes of ideas, resources, inspiration!

Audience: Coaches, Principals/head teachers, Teachers
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices not needed
Topic: Global collaboration
Grade level: 6-12
Subject area: Computer science, STEM/STEAM
ISTE Standards: For Students:
Creative Communicator
  • Students communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively by creating or using a variety of digital objects such as visualizations, models or simulations.
Global Collaborator
  • Students explore local and global issues and use collaborative technologies to work with others to investigate solutions.
Empowered Learner
  • Students understand the fundamental concepts of technology operations, demonstrate the ability to choose, use and troubleshoot current technologies and are able to transfer their knowledge to explore emerging technologies.
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Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

One of the biggest challenges of remote learning was the missing human connect-not just between students and teachers but most importantly between students themselves. Forced to a corner, we used technology to bridge barriers of geography/time and skilled ourselves to select and effectively use different tools to Explore, Discover and Connect.
Using the case-study of a student led club of STEMinists, participants will learn how to use technology to build a human connect between students, stimulate students' experiential learning through a global project and develop empowered learners who -
understand the fundamental concepts of technology, demonstrate the ability to choose, use and transfer their knowledge to explore emerging technologies.
use digital tools to broaden their perspectives and enrich their learning by collaborating with others and working effectively in teams locally and globally

4 mins: INTRO – Mentor Talk: Addressing the WHY
8 mins: RESEARCH - Student Talk: Interviewing NatGeo explorers. A brief into the process from Inviting, framing Interview questions, Hosting to Editing (Zoom)
8 mins: OBSERVE - Student Talk: Global project BackyardBio to Explore-Discover-Connect over Biodiversity in your backyard (Seek and iNaturalist)
8 mins: DOCUMENT - Student Talk: Consolidate findings to suit the learning styles of students in the form of podcast, ebooks and gamified immersive world (Anchor, AdobeSpark, BookCreator, Minecraft)
4 mins: SHARE - Student Talk: Maintaining a twitter handle as a club and demonstrating good Digital Citizenship while sharing creatives on social media
4 mins: REFLECTION - Mentor and Student Talk: Glows and Grows
4 mins: Q&A

Learner outcomes:
By the end of the session, participants will be able to understand:
– WHY student-led club?
– HOW to co-design, develop, and sustain a student-led club?
– HOW to setup and run a student-led podcast?
– HOW to nurture students as model Digital Citizens?
– WHICH EdTech tools to use?
– WHERE to look for FREE resources?

Supporting research

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Simar Mohanty, SDG Warriors
Kamal Preet, Flip

I'm Kamal Preet - Educator Innovation Lead at Flipgrid 💚 Microsoft, working towards amplifying EVERY voice - because IT MATTERS! 📣✨ Prior to joining Team Flipgrid, I was a Middle School Science Teacher where I got the opportunity to shape & impact the lives of students - our future. I’m super passionate about everything- STEM (I'm partial to Science & Technology), The Global Goals / The UN SDGs, Gamification (gamer at heart), Social Emotional Learning, and live by the adage "Be The Change you wish to see in the World" 🌏

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