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Bill Bass  
Holly Clark  
Michael Cohen  
Vriti Saraf  
Kenneth Shelton  

What does the future hold with emergent technologies? What is the potential impact on teaching and learning? Join us to learn from educators who are reimagining education with emergent technologies.

Reimagining the future of education

Crypto, NFTs, metaverse, blockchain...As an educator, are you wondering what these terms are? Do these ideas have anything to do with education? There's an internet renaissance taking place across finance, politics, technology, and other industries, called web3. Similar to the rise of the internet, web3 is changing the way people operate, socially and professionally. Come discover how your web3 mastery could open up new professional doors and empower your students to be ready for the next technology revolution.

The Power of Tik Tok for Education

Tik Tok is more than just dancing teenagers! It is actually proving to be one of the most revolutionary learning tools we have ever seen. It has the power to galvanize a global audience, to create powerful microlearning experiences and has become a place where teachers quickly share lesson ideas and inspirational teaching tips. Learn exactly why this platform is becoming the most popular learning tool on the planet.

Design For......

As we begin to analyze learning, learning processes, and pedagogies it is critical to do this from a design perspective. It is critical to consider this from an experiential perspective. We must also look at designing for equity, inclusion, and personalization. We should no longer look at or allow technology to looked at as an add-on or luxury resource, but rather as a necessary and vital resource to support meaningful learning. This talk will provide key conditions and next steps to the prompt on how we Design For...

Topic: Emergent technologies


Bill Bass, Parkway School District
ISTE Certified Educator

Bill Bass is the innovation coordinator for instructional technology, information, library media and federal programs in the Parkway School District in St. Louis, Missouri. In this role, he leads the district library and instructional technology programs, oversees grants and federal programs, and creates conditions to foster districtwide classroom innovation. During his over 20 year career in education, he has also held positions as a middle and high school English teacher, technology integration specialist, instructional coach, adjunct professor and graduate course designer for an edtech master's program, and an educational consultant. As a speaker, writer and professional developer, he focuses on systemic and sustainable integration of technology into classrooms at all grade levels, and seeks to empower students and teachers with authentic learning experiences. Bass has been honored with the ISTE Making IT Happen Award, the Divergent Award for Excellence in Literacy in a Digital Age Research, and as NSBA's 20 to Watch EdTech Leaders. He is a past president of the ISTE Board of Directors, president and active member of many ISTE PLNs and a member of the NCTE Executive Committee. Bass is also a frequent conference speaker and presenter. He has written numerous articles and book chapters, and is the author of three books: From Inspiration to Red Carpet, Digital Reading: What’s essential in grades 3-8 and Leading from the Library.

Holly Clark, The Infused Classroom

Holly Clark is an education thought leader, international speaker, bestselling author and student advocate. She’s a veteran educator who has spent over 15 years teaching in a 1:1 classroom, and over five years as an administrator in public and private schools. She holds a master’s degree in instructional design and educational technology from Columbia University. Clark is passionate about helping teachers create classrooms where students want to learn and can become the agents of their own thinking and understanding. She’s is a National Board Certified Teacher , MIEE and Google Certified Innovator .

Michael Cohen, The Tech Rabbi LLC

Michael Cohen, The Tech Rabbi, is a designer, educator and creativity instigator. His mission is to help educators around the world reveal their own creative abilities so they can empower students to solve interesting problems and become positive contributors to our global society. He is the author of the book Educated By Design, which outlines his principles for revealing and nurturing our innate creative courage and capacity. He is a national keynote speaker, advisor, and trainer. He serves as the director of innovation for Hebrew Academy of Miami, where he leads STEAM and Entrepreneurship initiatives and programs.

Vriti Saraf, Ed3 DAO
Kenneth Shelton, Elevate Education

Ken Shelton has been an educator for over 20 years, many of which were spent teaching technology to middle school students. He has worked extensively at the policy level with a number of state departments of education, ministries of education and nonprofits, and was appointed to an Education Technology Task Force formed by a previous California State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Shelton regularly gives keynote presentations and consults and leads workshops on educational technology, equity and inclusion, anti-racism, multimedia literacy, cultural intelligence, visual storytelling and instructional design. He’s an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and a Google Certified Innovator. In 2018, he earned ISTE’s Digital Equity PLN Excellence Award. He was also named an influencer to follow by EdTech Magazine. Shelton holds a master’s degree in education with specialties in edtech and new media design and production.

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