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Video is the most powerful medium for teachers and students to improve learning outcomes. That’s why educators in thousands of schools modernize their classrooms with Screencastify, making asynchronous video an integral part of each student’s education. Screencastify provides easy access to simple screen recording, video editing and video assignment tools, empowering teachers to make learning more personal. Students can make their thoughts visible, gaining a platform for their voices to be heard and fuel for their creativity. In classrooms around the world, Screencastify is used to create and share instructional videos, record presentations, provide better feedback, and much more. Districts can instantly assign ten (or ten thousand) licenses to the Chrome extension, and integrations with Google Drive, Classroom, and Sign-On make Screencastify a perfect fit for Google districts. To learn more, visit

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  1. Administrative and Assessment Technology
  2. Classroom Technologies
  3. Communication Technology
  4. Curriculum and Instructional Tools

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